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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 18, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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good panel, we are out of time thank you for being with us. all the time we have left. the news continues martha maccallum taking over for greta. >> it turns out hillary was right the administration is filing a lawsuit against arizona. now is going to get very interesting. folks i'm martha maccallum good evening in for greta van susteren. we can confirm the justice department will file a lawsuit again the state of arizona to take on the illegal immigration law that the president has called misguided. more on that in a minute. >> but first let's be honest things could not get much worse for bp. now some are trying to hit the company where it hurts boycotting gas s with the bp -- gas stations with the bp logo. >> reporter: more than 10,000 bp gas stations across the country. according to the service
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station dealers of america nearly all, perhaps less than 200 are actually owned by bp. the fact is, majority of them are owned by independent businessmen or small distributorships. to protest bp by not buying their gas you are only hurting that small business guy and his family. you are not striking, as national protest would have you, i've seen from national leaders as well as campaigns on facebook, you are not getting at the executives that you are so angry about the spill. you are hitting the businessmen, some of whom we spoke to today. mel you were the past president of the service station dealers of america. if you could speak to service stations, bp stations across the country, people are mad at bp not buying bp gas what is that doing? >> it obvious not a good thing. the problem is they are hurting their neighbors and their friends. because they are not going to hurt bp by boycotting or getting mad at us.
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because we are only [ inaudible ] i just made a new contract at this location this is a family business. [ inaudible ] we've made a 10 year agreement that we'll be buying bp gasoline for the next 10 years. this could really hurt us now. i have to admit we've been pretty lucky so far. we are not showing the growth we thought we would have but it isnot good. our other older location, we are showing losses. there's no reason for that to be losses because we are more competitive today on the treat than they were a year ago. still, we are off about 9%. it was the same thing last month. >> reporter: majid how is the spill affecting you? >> right now it was 5, 10, 20, affecting everyday. right now i can see end of today will be around 40% business you down on the gasoline side.
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just for today. >> reporter: you're third generation owner. you police toys look after and family members here. what is the long term plan here if you're down 40% on the station? >> well, we haven't come up with a long term plan yet, to be honest. we are hoping the public will open their eyes and understand this business is not owned by bp in the state of maryland there are no gas stations that are run or operated by oil companies. each of the stations is independently owned and operated. and when you boycott one of our stations, you're boycotting a small business owner. we have to pay our mortgage. we have to pay our employees, no matter what. so, we're kind of proverbial rock and hard place. >> reporter: what is this?
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>> an insert to go on top of our pumps, we have little signs for inside too. it is a great sign because it is the absolute truth. we are part of the community and the station is owned and operated by people from this community, your neighbors, friends and family. that's it. there's no spin to that that's a fact. >> reporter: if had you a bigger sign would you take it to get it out front? >> i think so. >> our thanks to griff jenkins this is not a shocker. bp's ceo tony hayward the news today after being battered by congress for hours yesterday he has been demoted. the chairman says the company's managing director will handle the day-to-day operates of dealing with the oil spill. we know that bp is on the hook for 20 billion dollars in an escrow fund to pay for the damages from the spill. who knows if that will be the end of it? it is open-ended question they early of how much they may have to pay. how much can they afford before they reach the breaking
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point and can't meet that commitment? steve moore joins me. good to see you. >> hi martha. >> quick reaction to this demotion for tony hayward. any surprise there? >> i'm not surprised. i think it is a good pr move. i don't think he performed well in congress. i don't think he answered a lot of questions. given the political heat it was time to bring in a new boss. most importantly, martha, because they haven't handled this spill well in the gulf. i think americans peel between bp and the federal government it has been twiddle dee and twiddle dumb. >> what about the money? the company is in very good shape, but 20 billion dollars is that gonna affect them deeply? >> they were in very good financial shape two months ago for sure. they are not nearly as good financial shape as they were before the spill obviously.
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obviously, the stock has taken an enormous hit which has hurt a lot of shareholders' pension funds. the joke in washington now is the united states government is going bankrupt more quickly than bp will this is still a company that has a lot of revenue growth. some quarters recently they've had as much as five billion dollars of profits. i don't see bp going under martha, unless this is the big unless, unless this kind of washington frenzy to reach into their pocketbooks doesn't end that at the 20 billion dollar mark. now the white house is saying maybe it going to have to be a lot more. >> read goldman sachs analysis estimate their worst-case scenario is 100 billion dollars. i guess a lot of this comes down to where does it end? where does the liability end? oil drillers, all the way out to the shrimpers as how far down the line? >> let's put this money in
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perspective. 20 billion dollars is larger than most entire state budgets just to give you a sense of how much money that is. 100 billion is more than any state budget even california. that's an enormous sum. if i were bp what i would be most concerned about is this money put in the escrow account becomes a big political piggy bank for politicians to spend money on interest groups, reunions, trial lawyers, other groups. my big concern about this issue now is the little guy, the small shrimp farmer the person who owns a small hotel on the beach whose business has been decimated. they may not have lobbyists are they going to get the money they are owed? maybe it is just the people of political clout get paid. >> that would be a big shame. the president was assuring people yesterday this is where this money is going to go. we heard that inept phrase by
10:08 pm
chairman of the board that it is going to the small people that didn't go over well. i think there might be o'a language barrier. we need some guarantee. >> we do. call me a cynic i've been in in town a long time. what i usually see is people with the biggest lobbyists get the most money. the other big issue we can't avoid, what should bp be liable for? i'm still outraged by the idea that bp, i'm not an an followgist for this company, why should they have to pay the 100 million dollars in restitution for workers who had been laid off because the obama administration has now a moratorium on drilling which makes no sense. i don't see why we have the more >> dari: moratorium. more importantly i don't see why bp should be responsible for an administration decision. >> joe barton has already apologized for his comments saying he thinks the government owes bp an apology.
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you are getting at something that goes to that there has been no negligence found, although everybody suspects it is and he practically admitted it was there yesterday. what's the government's responsibility? what is the company's responsibility? it sounds like it got agreed to in a room at the white house? >> that's right. the white house says we didn't put undue pressure. wait a minute we know they said they could cancel military contracts, take away their drilling rights. let's be plain, the federal government that is to say the obama administration put a you gun to bp's head and said either go along with this agreement or else the future of this company will be very much in jeopardy. >> would you call that a shakedown steve? >> that's your word, not mine. >> just asking. steve moore thank you, very much good to see you, thanks for being here. >> next, sarah palin takes to
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taste book endorsing quotes liberty loving momma grizzlies. what are they and who is she backing? you may be surprised. >> what happens when the federal government sues one of our states? how does that work? it is the administration versus the state of arizona. and the battleground, immigration. now this is getting very interesting, folks. one of the law's biggest supporters joins me moments away. we are back in two. transform plain old ribs into these fall-off-the-bone honey bbq ribs. the secret's in the sauce, made with campbell's french onion soup. for these delicious ribs and dozens more sizzling summer recipes, visit
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now when you open and fund an account, ou'll get 200 commission-free trades. fidelity investments. turn here. ♪ here's my question, what is the power of palin when it comes to these endorsements we'll find out soon. the governor has been on a role lately now talking to facebook. yesterday she endorsed three more candidates she calls momma grizzlies. joining us chief political correspondent for the washington examiner. bayonne york.
10:13 pm
what -- byron york. what is a momma grizzly? >> according to sarah palin, self-sufficient, independent tough-minded woman candidate. the thing about momma grizzlies they are very protective of their own people. they are very self-sufficient and you don't mess with them. that's her idea of a momma grizzly. i don't know how many americans really identify with the grizzly image. but it is clearly an alaska thing. >> she talks about going out and watching the bears and seeing how they treat their young and how fierce they are in them. interesting image for these women she endorsing. she endorsed three women, representative rogers, a republican in washington. also star parker political commentator house position in -- and mary fallon.
10:14 pm
whatr℠uñ is interesting about in group? >> not a particularly strategic group coming from swing states. all the endorse s palin has made are designed to solidify her standing, sarah palin's standing among conservative women, pro-life women and also to build up political chits. if these candidates win they are going to owe sarah palin something. what we saw with her endorsement of nikki haley in south carolina it could make a huge difference. in certain states it can make a huge difference for a candidate. if those candidates win they are going to owe sarah palin something which could be help in her next campaign if she decides to run. >> it has been fascinating to watch her since she was john mccain's running mate. after that ended, some people giving her advice they said she should study foreign policy, make speeches, soak herself in a lot of these
10:15 pm
issues and come out fighting. she said right then, what i want to do is travel around the country and endorse candidates and that has been her focus. where do you think all of this is leading her? what does this do for her political career if she does -- >> one thing probably none of us would predicted she would become kind of a master at facebook. it leads to the possibility of running for office again. she says she doesn't want to close any door still in front of her. she not committing to run for office but she is making it easier if it turns out, you know next year things look very good for a pal lynn candidacy, she will be in a good position to do so. >> when you look from the broader lens, how significant is this conservative women's movement? when we look back at this period is this going to signify a real movement, a
10:16 pm
real change, a real force? >> well, if there are enough women who become disillusioned with barack obama to vote for a republican candidate in 2012, it would be a big deal. obviously, women have gone a little disproportionately for democratic candidates in the past. if palin can attract large enough members to peel off a percentage or two from the women's vote for republican candidates it could turn out to be a huge development. >> what do you think she wants to run for president, byron? >> she's got to be thinking about it. she throws off sparks. she's the most exciting candidate or figure in the republican circles today. just run circles in terms of star quality around all of the other potential candidates. it's to be on her mind. >> byron york, thank you have a great weekend. >> next, things are getting very interesting with this story. the justice department about
10:17 pm
to slap the state of arizona with a lawsuit because of their illegal immigration law. an arizona state rep who fought for this law tells us what he thinks about the fact that he knows now is coming his way. >> mystery man alvin greene somehow won his senate primary this has been baffling to everybody who watches politics. but he apparently is running for something bigger that is coming up, right after this. s -- at iowa lakes community college, students are learning how to keep wind turbines working. and to keep them safe, the only battery they trust in their high-voltage meters is a duracell rechargeable. duracell. trusted everywhere. [ lauter ]
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looks like hillary clinton was right. here is secretary clinton in ecuador talking about arizona's illegal immigration law. >> president obama has spoken out against the law because he thinks that the federal
10:21 pm
government should be determining immigration policy. the justice department, under his direction, will be bringing a lawsuit against the act. >> will be bringing a lawsuit against the act. you heard her say that that was news to everybody. we all through they were looking into it, in the justice department. now we know the justice department indeed suing the state of arizona. doj still reviewing this law. they are building the case, according to the reports today, arizona state representative john cavanaugh joins me to talk about this one of the leading supporters of this law in the arizona house. representative, good to have you here, good evening, welcome. >> thank you. >> first of all, what do you make about the way this came out? did you think it was odd that this was first sort of presented in this interview in ecuador with the secretary of state? >> not at all. look at the polls. obviously with 60, 70% support
10:22 pm
for this bill in the united states that's probably the only place they could find where a lawsuit against it would be popular. >> governor brewer was very disappointed she was outraged, that they didn't come to her first. why do you think it is the administration doesn't seem to want to deal one-on-one with the legislature and the governor of arizona on this issue? >> because they are being disingenuous this isn't a real law is politics. they are playing to their base. the mere fact that after several weeks of saying they are going to sue us they still can't give us the grounds. they are still analyzing the lawsuit shows it is politics. there are no grounds, they are playing for time. they will probably file some bogus charges. the lawyers if they look at their own resource manual it lists federal law after federal law, supreme court decision, district court decisions all of which say that local law enforcement can
10:23 pm
enforce these laws. and the laws we're enforcing can be unconstitutional because they are the federal laws. we are enforcing their laws, their manuel says our police can do it. there's no basis to this lawsuit other than some sort of political gamesmanship and the people of arizona deserve better. >> where do you see this going? are we going to see a trial on tv? the add straeurgs versus arizona law? -- the administration versus arizona law? where does this go? >> i think the administration is going to sue but it will be low key. they know this law is popular and they now they are going to lose the suit. they are playing to their base the huffington post, because they have to. this lawsuit is bogus, waste of time and political gamesmanship. we pleaded with the on ma administration to send national guard troops to the border to protect us. instead they are going to send an army of lawyers to federal court to take away one of our
10:24 pm
protects and put us in harm's way ridiculous. >> i got you. there was a difficult situation on your board . the president did say they were going to up the number of national guard on the border. how has that worked out? >> not at all. last we heard only 1200 national guard not for arizona the whole border they are going to be behind desks it is boots on the desk, not boots on the ground. we need 6,000 national guard on the boarder stopping illegals. >> you have seen no evidence of that increase in number? has that happened to your knowledge? >> no, nothing. we haven't even heard about the 1200. the supposed meeting cancelled now rescheduled. they are fiddling and arizona is being overrun with crime and extra government spends because of the federal government's failure to secure the border and do internal
10:25 pm
enforcement that's why we passed 1070 and protect it. >> what are you bracing for when it goes into effect? >> it will be a slow and steady apprehension of illegals. police officers aren't going to do round-ups. nothing is going to change. this law says arizona police officers, when they reasonably suspect that somebody who they've stopped or otherwise pulled over for a violation of law, if they reasonably suspect they are there illegally they can pursue that line of investigation if they are they will be turned over to ice. regular enforcement. >> how are you going to prepare everybody to make sure? the world is going to be watching. the country is going to be watching. if there's one slip up, one thing that looks like people's rights are being violated it is going to draw attention away from anything else that may be going your way. >> we are aware of that, every police officer in arizona will receive two hours of training on the prompter way to build
10:26 pm
reasonable suspicion. this will piggyback on to their already extensive training in the laws of arrest and stop and question. >> i hear your passion about in and your frustration as well. mr. cavanaugh, thank you very much for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> next, a small town of 25,000 people in nebraska is now becoming a new center in the fight against illegal immigration. a report on that, next. it is very interesting. stick around for that >> it is a big friday night. alvin greene strikes again. the president takes q on the f and tony dungy goes on the record with greta. ♪
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welcome back. the illegal immigration fight is opening up a new front far from the border with mexico. a small town of fremont, nebraska. they are having a special election monday that is going to get a lot of attention. it will decide if businesses should be banned from hiring illegal immigrants and if landlords should be banned from renting. it will establish interesting new precedence, perhaps. chris, welcome good to have you here. >> my pleasure. >> tell me about in vote monday, what do you expect? >> i expect it will probably pass. what we've seen, this has happened across this country, when the federal government, like the obama administration starts ratcheting back law enforcement and is not vigorously enforcing immigration laws, cities and states pay the price. they bear the fiscal burden, costs on average for every illegal alien headed household about $19,6700 more they
10:31 pm
consume in city services than they pay in taxes so the rest of the taxpayers have to part costs. schools become over crowded, english as second language programs push out other programs. the citizen of fremont have put this on the ballot they are going to have their voices heard monday. it will be the first name three years since any popular initiative has been held on the immigration issue, illegal immigration issue. >> a lot of people think is a border issue. why fremont, nebraska? give us background. i was reading about the town the kind of tensions that have arisen there. talk about the background and how we got to where we are now with the vote monday? >> interesting thing is fremont is a ton of 25,000, as you mentioned. but it is a meat packing town when there's a meat packing plant in or near the town you will see a wave of illegal immigrants. 30, 40 years ago meat packing all the employees were u.s.
10:32 pm
citizens. nowadays a large percentage of illegal aliens. they will attract or aggressively go after illegal aliens as employees to drive down wages. then the town suffers the hospitals become effort crowded they say use the emergency room as a one stop medical shop and you have all these other issues swamping a small or medium-sized ton it happened in nebraska, kansas, iowa, missouri of polices in the midwest. >> there's tensions and divisions between the people in the town about how they feel about in vote. it is getting a lot of attention in this small town from everything that i've read about. talk to me about the law. technically businesses aren't supposed to hire people who are illegal any way. what would be different? how new or unusual is this landlord issue? >> the business half of the law is closely patterned on what arizona did in 2007.
10:33 pm
arizona became the first state to require all businesses in the state to use either -- what fremont and nebraska will do if the ordinance passes will be requiring the same requirement throughout the city all businesses will have to use either internet system where the employer does a quick check with the federal government takes only a couple minutes to find fought an police i is out rised to work in the united states. the other half of the ordinance is the harboring or landlord provision. it prevents landlords from harboring illegal aliens. every tenant has to get -- fill out a piece of paper and get a permit from the city before they begin their tenancy if the tenant is an alien the government of fremont will check out with the federal government to see if the individual is lawfully in the country or not. they can ensure people illegal in the you united states are not renting apartments in the city of fremont. >> volatile situation in nebraska, interesting, thank
10:34 pm
you so much we'll watch this monday, chris thanks. >> thank you. here's what is coming up after the show on the o'reilly factor. >> bill: congresswoman michelle bachmann will be here to defend her comments that president obama may have extorted bp. why does glenn beck hate world cup soccer? >> bill is up at 11:00. we are live until the top of the hour. >> next, nfl legend goes on the record, tony dungy sits down with greta on his latest baby, he talks about if the super bowl belongs in a cold weather city, of course it does. >> did fred thompson support his own campaign in 2008? why did we ask? video you want to see. ♪
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10:39 pm
chicago injuring people and breaking windows. one woman received minor injuries in downtown chicago. smashing windows at the 110 story willis tower known as the sears tower. fire official injured by a falling tree on the westside. i'm marianne rafferty, now back to on the record. time for greta to go gridiron. she sat down with tony dungy. >> greta: coach nice to see you. >> how are you? >> greta: i'm very well. this is the question i should ask at the end of the segment but within i always think of when i see your name or see you. what is it about you? it seems you always want to help people? is it fun are what drives you? >> i think that has been part of my life, because i received so much help along the way. i look back and see the people
10:40 pm
who have spoken into my life, helped me out with just something along the way and it makes you feel like if i could do that for someone else, just give a little guidance, a little assistance a help -- a little help at the right time it goes so far. that's always been a motivation because of the people who have been involved in my life over the years. >> greta: it is so pointed. you walked away from coaching were you super bowl champion, of course. even while coaching you are helping people. every time i see your name, it is doing some extraordinary thing to help someone. is this the most incredible high? you seem so -- you are so involved in it. >> well, i don't look at them as extraordinary things. my coach chuck knowles talked about champions doing the ordinary things well. that's how i look at.
10:41 pm
doing little things that would help people. sometimes just as i say just something very, very common, but the right touch at the rhyme time can make a big difference in someone's life. >> greta: you are very modest, you say it is small, but it is giant to the rest of us. all pro dad, what is all pro dad? >> an organization that started in tampa in 1997. it was just a group of us who felt like we weren't doing as good a job as our fathers did in connecting with kids and being there and being involved in their lives. working and coaching and spending all the time we had to, we just felt badly. so, we ended up getting in touch with an organization called family first. based here in tam pam. what can we do about in? how can we be better fathers and get this message out? we invited dads to come out and watch the buccaneers
10:42 pm
practice and bring their kids and spend time together. we ended up getting 3,000 people out that day. and we said we've got something here. men are excited about football, they can connect with that let's take some principles that go into football and apply it to parenting. it has green. we have over 1300 schools we are involved in now. men will come out to a all pro dad's day breakfast, have break fast with kids before school. big stadium events once a year in nfl and college stadiums we try to encourage men to be better dads and spend time with their kids. the whole focus is getting the message out to men how important fathering is. >> greta: is that something that helped in pro football. are there a lot of fathers who perhaps have not been as good a father as they could be but get involved and change the way they operate? >> i think that's been the
10:43 pm
focus. for me, i was doing both. i was with all pro dad and coaching. people recognized me as a coach, they might see my face and say what's going on is that something with the colts or the buccaneers? they realize this is something with my kids, let me color it. i that i that -- let me examine more it. i think that help that name regular . it is getting the message out to younger guys, older men, that parenting is a lifetime job, important, big responsibility. and as much as you might enjoy sports, as much as you might enjoy football, having that association with your kids, helping them grow, helping them to be an all pro young person, is very, very important. >> greta: you have a new book august 3rd. can you give us a tease? i realize it is early, what's the new book?
10:44 pm
>> the book is called "mentor leader. a different way to lead. really talks about my experience in the way i tried lead our football team, things that i learned from basically the coaches that i played for and my parents about leadership. it is a little bit different, counter to maybe what society says about great leaders. i think it is going to be interesting and maybe help impact the way people do business. >> greta: probably the most exciting news is you have a new addition to your family? >> well, that's part of that all-pro dad mentality. my wife lauren loves kids we have another one jason about 10 months old now that's our 7th child. our oldest boy now eric is just going to the university of oregon getting ready to play football there in the fall. we've got them from college down to diapers. >> greta: speaking of college football, i know you made
10:45 pm
horrible mistake of going to minnesota you and i have discussed that many times before. the only mistake, the only personal flaw as i see it. what do you make of the idea of a super bowl played in a cold stadium like new york? >> i'm really not for that i think the new york experience is going to be great and for the fans to be able to come and see the sights in new york it will be . as a coach or player you come to that final game and a lot of your legacy is going to rest on whether you win that super bowl or not. i think every player would want to have ideal conditions. hopefully it will be a great day. if it is it work out well if it is a snowy, cold day and you see a super bowl played with a lot of turnovers and just adverse conditions, i don't think anybody is going to want that we'll see what happens. i would prefer those i deal conditions. >> greta: can you get experience in cold weather?
10:46 pm
if you have two equally matched teams going into that super bowl. one is the packers who plays in a very cold stadium, and you have miami team or your old team, tampa bay buccaneers will that cold weather impede the warm climate team so they are disadvantaged? >> not necessarily the warm climate team. they will get a chance group to new york and practice it in. cold is all mental. what's gonna happen is, the conditions could make it less than ideal to play the game. so you don't see these teams at their best. when i played at minnesota, green bay, those northern cities, buffalo, they wanted to have those championship games at home. it was going to be an advantage to be there with their fans and the cold weather and all that when you've got a super bowl and the two best teams you want ideal conditions. you want to play a great game. you want a fast surface. you don't want to police a
10:47 pm
slow-motion game in cold weather and say this team won and they are the best team in the league this year. you need those good conditions. >> greta: coach, happy father's day to you. of course, congratulations to your family. all-pro -- people should go there and check out the website. you will come back and talk about your book august 3rd, right? >> hopefully you will have us on closer to the release date. right now father's day and being a dad is a lot of fun. >> greta: indeed. thank you sir. as i said at the beginning i admire immensely all the good work you do, because you do a lot. >> thank you greta, always great being with you. >> i think knowledge is just right for the super bowl. that's just me. >> coming up the best of the rest. alvin green shocked the country. now he has his sights set on something even bigger sleigh we'll tell you what. >> also, remember joe biden's
10:48 pm
notorious f-bomb? is president obama following his lead? we video to show you, you decide. stick around, we'll be right back. [ air blowing ] [ clattering ] [ male announcer ] when you're all out of good ideas and you've moved on to the dumb ones, it's time. american standard heating & air conditioning. a higher standard of comfort. american standard heating & air conditioning. our pharmacists combine are expert knowledge and personal attention. no wonder jd power and associates ranked health mart highest in customer satisfaction. see if you live in a health mart town at sfx: car crashing
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here is the best of the rest. it was the f-bomb heard round the world. remember vice esident biden putting an exclamation point on the health care bill. check out the president in columbus, ohio talking about the success of the stimulus. >> the president: now as my friend joe biden who has done a great job overseeing the recovery act i would say this is a big deal. >> all right alvin greene pulled off the impossible, once. looks like he wants to do it again. without running commercials or having a website or anything else the unemployed military vet won the democratic primary
10:53 pm
for the senate in south carolina. he's not stopping there. in a new interview with "time" magazine he says he thinks he's the best person to be "time" magazine's person of the year. not going to hold our breath for that we'll see what happens. in the meantime tells "time" he's pushing forward with his campaign this one is going to be interesting to watch. >> what else can you say about this except, oops! a painter in wisconsin made a high profile mistake. check out this water tower. it is in stoughton, wisconsin. they say nobody is going to notice. the painter who made the goof said he was working backwards and made a nation. these things happen. it is being fixed.
10:54 pm
those are the best of the rest. >> you think fred thompson would have voted for himself in 2008? don't be so sure. he's coming up, next. one size fits all makeup? no way. try clean makeup -- lightweight coverage made for your skin type. for normal skin, oil control, and new clean for sensitive skin. it's makeup that works for you 'cause it's made for you. easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl.
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>> greta: we're back. 11:00 is almost here. and former senator fred thompson tried and failed to win the white house in 2008. he didn't lose sleep over that. he has a sense of humor on this subject, you might say. take a look. >> there is a object to overcome. wisdom skpf good judgment of the american people. and... so, this worked out for everybody. >> i think..., how do you -- do you know that part of the country? do you -- you're from tennessee. are you familiar with? >> ways born in alabama across the state line. my little hometown of 40 miles north of alabama. >> there are beautiful beaches down there. >> stunning. >> yeah. that what surprised me this, bp guy talking about the little people. have you ever been to the
10:59 pm
beach down there on the 4th of july? it ain't little. >> and this is a guy, the guy from bp comes over from sweden. soy get -- maybe translation to him is small people? >> he said small people? >> look out for small people. >> yeah. i don't think he meant i from british to swedish, and they'll be bringing germans in next week. >> he's got a great sense of humor, john stewart seemed to enjoy that. thank you for being here tonight. we're closing down shop. thanks for joining us on the record this evening. and i will see you back here 9:00 a.m. monday for american newsroom. until then, keep it here on fox news chachblt have a wonderful father's day. o'reilly factor is rolling next. stick around for that. etc. coming up right after this. good night, everybody.


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